Curated and Custom Analytics

xInsights, Inc. provides real time and near-real time analytics across a vast data set.

Our xIngestion engines constantly parse data from a variety of sources: social media platforms, news outlets and more through our extensible xMarketplace.

Friendly interfaces for all skill levels.

xInsights platform was built with developers in mind including a query engine that allows for very targeted searches. We also provide a drag-and-drop query editor and reporting engine that allows non-developers complete control over datasets and output.

Get more out of your data.

Perform deep analytics on any data source. Unlike other platforms, you’re not limited to numerical data.

Want to know how a competitor is performing in the marketplace?
Want to identify pain-points of a newly released product?
Want to keep up to date with public perception of your organization?

With the ability to constantly monitor public social media outlets and news sources, xInsights gives you the ability to act quicker and smarter.

Stay up to date.